Monday, October 20, 2008

++ online oR inVisible on messenger?~ ++

++ bile sy geram sy akan lakukan apa sj utk mendapatkn suatu kepuasan ^^ ~ lalalala ~
++ pd satu hari yg lalu, terlintas pd pikiran sy bhw boleh x kte detect org kt ym kte yg like to be "invisible" to others~~ +winK+
++ then, i search on goolge :: yahoo messenger invisible detector :: ~~
++ pastu, sy rse sedih.... =,= kerana, terasa cm org yg terakhir menjumpai dis 'SOFTWARE'..huhu :>
++ but, i reli like it +wink+ ~~
++ if u want to try it :: surf dis ^^ :: ~~
++ or, if u want to have a spy buddy on ur own c0mp, u can get it here :: :: juz need to download it 4 a m0ment, then install it. :: actually, when i installed it into the Windows Vista, it gonna be sumthin' wrong, the installation was failed =,= :: so, if u hav the Vista windows u can check it (i mean the yahoo ID at the link ab0ve ~~
++ juz n0w, i used the buddy-spy on my laptop, not my papa's lptop bec0z his lpt0p used VISTA wuuuuu...=,=

:: it's ol 'bout sharing ::

by luv,
= nasibahusna =

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

++ uNdEr hEaVy cOnsTrUcTiOn =,= ++

Oh no! i dunn0 wat to say. i'm very upset wit my old blog. dis is my new blog. yg kt tepi tu ade kt bwh pulak. tersangatlah nmpk tercemar suasana. oh Allah, i'm so sori wat i've done to u sehingga menyebabkn blog sy jadi begitu. insyaAllah, sy cube mencari semula apa yg ade pada blog lama sy.

plez giv me any supporting by drop any comments or pray for me~ =,=

salam sayang dariku,
=, nasibahusna ,=